A Few Couponing Secrets You Should Know

Coupon tips to knowAre you hungry to get the latest deals and the best prices? Who isn’t? Learning to effectively use coupons is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a modern shopper. New TV shows have brought coupons back into the spotlight and more people than ever are eager to get those deals that seem too good to be true.

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Did you Know That You Could Get Heavy Discounts at Kmart?

The world is changing, try deciphering the signs of the changing trends! Everything is becoming
a click away on the big W3, I mean WWW. Please don’t think I’m talking about the Wild World
of the West! I’m talking about World Wide Web. People are more inclined to online mode of
shopping than the conventional methods. It is certainly because of the ease and comfort one
enjoys when shopping online. The products on online stores are sometimes cheaper than on the
physical departmental stores. People have their own reasons of switching on to online
shopping but one most common one is that they get to enjoy discounts on products very easily.

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Rite Aid Video Coupons

Some of you might have been using the Rite Aid video coupons. They seem to be phasing out the single check rebates SCR and providing more UP rewards and video coupons. Rite Aid calls their video coupons “Video Values”. Basically, you just watch short video clips from various companies and get coupons to use at Rite Aid.

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Amazon Mom Free Prime

Right now the Amazon Mom free prime shipping is available for free for 3 months! Normally this service/membership costs $79 per year. Even though it is a great benefit at that price, it’s still nice to be able to give the program a free run just to see how someone would like it. Here are some of the benefits of an Amazon Mom membership:
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Deals for Free

When you’re looking to find deals for free stuff, you usually don’t have to look much further than your local drug store or grocery store. Finding items for free can be lots of fun. You can then use the item yourself or donate it to charity if it’s not something you normally use or eat. I usually get a few items free each week by just shopping at Rite Aid. If I lived closer to a bigger grocery store, I could probably score some deals for free there too.

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Things Not to Buy at a Grocery Store

The main reason I would post about things not to buy at a grocery store is that, although you can get groceries at a discount at the grocery store using coupons, there are some things that are just more expensive there. If you’re doing a bunch of couponing, you want to be smart about what you buy where. Buy the items that you can get the best price on at the best stores.

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Best Discount Coupons and Deals on Apparel and Clothing

Before I go on with the clothing coupons I would like to tell you something about coupons, what are
they and how they work?

One of the most popularly used words in the e-commerce world today is an online coupon code. But what is a coupon code? Is it something like an ISBN barcode, or it is a sort of password that one can use online during shopping? Well I would say, it is none of the two but has the quality of both. It is a code, like a password that can be used during your shopping to get discounts. You either have to paste the code on the box provided at the checkout of the online store or on the verification page before your ordered is processed. There are coupons with codes and there are coupons that do not have any code. They are called the linked only coupons. By using the linked only coupons, your discount is directly applied to your order without pasting the code.

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Buying Newspapers

Here are some tips for buying newspapers to get coupons. The Sunday coupon inserts have been around for a long time and it looks like they will be around for a long time to come. Even with the evolution of printable coupons and ecoupons, the paper coupons in the newspapers are still very popular.

When should you buy the Sunday paper? It’s very important to watch the coupon bloggers as to what inserts will be in your next Sunday paper. They usually have a list of what inserts will be available and a list of the coupons that will be in those inserts. If there are going to be enough coupons to make it worth your while to buy, then go ahead and buy the paper that week. Holiday weekends like Easter, Fourth of July, and Christmas almost never have coupon inserts in them.

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Free ebook for Preschool Parents

Here is a great free ebook for preschool parents or parents of preschoolers. The new “101 MORE Preschool Activities Parents Can Do With Their Preschool Child”  will be listed for free until Wednesday January 11th and can be accessed at Preschool Ideas

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After Christmas Deals

If you’re planning on finding after Christmas deals next week, I thought I would give you some pointers on how to get the most for your money. It’s so fun to find just what you need at 50-75% off the retail price. Here is what you need to do to find the deals and get just what you need:

1. Take inventory – When looking for after Christmas deals, make sure you first look at what you really need. Do you have enough wrapping paper, Christmas cards, tissue paper, decorations, and gifts for next year? If you have plenty of Christmas cards, then it’s not going to do you any good to buy Christmas cards on clearance because you don’t NEED them.

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